Spain vs France: EURO 2024 Football Predictions

Football Predictions for Spain vs France EURO 2024 match on 9/7/2024. Both teams boast strong undefeated records, promising a thrilling encounter.

Spain vs France EURO 2024 Football Predictions
Spain vs France EURO 2024 Football Predictions

In a much-anticipated EURO 2024 clash, Spain vs France, promising an electrifying showdown as both teams bring stellar forms into the match. Spain, undefeated in their last 15 home EURO games, and France, on a 17-game unbeaten streak across all competitions, are set to showcase why they are top contenders in this tournament.

Spain Dominance:

Spain form at home is nothing short of impeccable. They’ve gone 15 games in the EURO 2024 without a single loss, reflecting a fortress-like defense and consistent attacking prowess. Not only have they remained undefeated, but they also hold an impressive overall record, unbeaten in 51 of their last 57 matches across all competitions. This streak underscores their tactical discipline and resilience.

At half-time, Spain solidity is even more pronounced; they haven’t trailed in their last 13 games. This statistic speaks volumes about their early match control and ability to dictate the pace right from the start. Defensively, Spain has been formidable, conceding an average of just 0.40 goals in their EURO 2024 encounters. This defensive solidity will be crucial against a high-caliber team like France.

France Formidable Run:

France, too, comes into this match with a formidable unbeaten record. They haven’t lost in their last 17 games across all competitions, showcasing their consistency and strength. Similar to Spain, France has demonstrated resilience at half-time, going undefeated in their last 13 matches by the break. This indicates a tactical approach that keeps them competitive from the onset.

In terms of defense, France has shown exceptional prowess, especially in away games. They’ve kept clean sheets in their last 3 away matches and have conceded an average of only 0.20 goals recently. However, they’ve struggled to secure wins away in the EURO 2024, with just 1 victory in their last 6 away games. This highlights a potential vulnerability Spain might exploit.

Tactical Analysis:

Spain vs France both teams display strong defensive records and an ability to control matches early on. Spain average concession of 0.40 goals per game and France 0.20 illustrate a likely defensive battle. France recent trend towards low-scoring games, with their last 5 matches seeing under 2.5 goals, aligns with the likelihood of a tightly contested match.

Football Prediction Spain vs France :

Considering the match Spain vs France with our euro football prediction  both teams defensive strengths and current form, the match is expected to be a tactical battle with limited scoring opportunities. Spain home advantage and slightly better overall form give them a slight edge. However, France ability to maintain clean sheets and their solid unbeaten streak suggest they won’t be easy to overcome.

A possible result could be a draw or a narrow victory for Spain, with under 2.5 goals likely, given both teams’ defensive statistics and recent performances.

Final Resultat : Spain vs France is : 2 – 1


The Spain vs France encounter at EURO 2024 promises to be a tightly fought contest between two of Europe most disciplined and defensively solid teams. Fans can expect a game defined by tactical acumen and minimal goal-scoring chances, where a moment of brilliance or a strategic mistake could decide the outcome.

Stay tuned as these football giants clash betwen Spain vs France in what could be one of the most gripping matches of the tournament.