Croatia vs Italy: Predictions Euro Championship 2024

Croatia vs Italy at Red Bull Arena in a crucial Euro Championship 2024 clash on June 24, 2024. Can Croatia’s strong home form overcome Italy resilient defense

Croatia vs Italy Predictions Euro Championship 2024
Croatia vs Italy Predictions Euro Championship 2024

The Euro Championship continues with an exciting matchup as Croatia vs Italy at the Red Bull Arena on June 24, 2024. Both teams are eager to make their mark in the tournament and secure a positive result, making this fixture one to watch.

Match Preview: Croatia vs Italy

Croatia Search for Stability

Croatia heads into this match looking to stabilize their performance after experiencing mixed results recently, and they have won half of their last six matches but will need to improve their consistency to progress further in the tournament.

Recent Form and Defensive Record:

Croatia has struggled with a 50% loss rate in their last six matches. 

Despite recent challenges, they have demonstrated strong defensive stability at home, conceding just 0.67 goals on average in their last six Euro Championship home matches.

Croatia’s formidable home form is highlighted by their unbeaten streak in all six of their most recent Euro Championship home games.

Key Statistics:

Undefeated at Home: Croatia has not lost any of their last six Euro Championship home matches.
Strong Home Record: They are unbeaten in 41 of their last 45 home matches across all competitions, showing their resilience when playing on familiar turf.
Euro Championship Struggles: Croatia has only managed one win in their last seven Euro Championship matches, underlining their recent difficulties in the competition.

Italy Away Day Blues

Italy, known for their historical success and tactical acumen, has encountered issues away from home recently. They have struggled to find the net in their away fixtures, which could be a critical factor in this match.

Recent Form and Away Performance:

Italy has secured just one win in their last two Euro Championship encounters.
Their away form in the Euro Championship has been particularly concerning, failing to score in their last 12 away matches in the competition.
Overall, Italy has managed only one win in their last six away matches across all competitions, highlighting their recent struggles on the road.

Key Statistics:

Draws at Half-Time: Italy’s last four away matches across all competitions have ended in draws at half-time, indicating a tendency to start games cautiously.
Resilience in All Competitions: Despite recent away troubles, Italy has avoided defeat in 87% of their last 156 matches in all competitions, showcasing their general resilience.
Winless Streak: Italy has won just one of their last six away matches, underscoring their difficulty in securing victories on the road.

Head-to-Head: Croatia vs Italy

This match will be another chapter in the storied rivalry between Croatia vs Italy. Both teams have a rich history in international football, and their previous encounters have often been tightly contested.

Tactical Insights and Team Strategies

Croatia Approach:
Manager Zlatko Dalic is expected to continue with his favored 4-3-3 formation, focusing on a balanced approach between defense and attack.
Key players like Luka Modric, Mateo Kovacic, and Marcelo Brozovic will be crucial in controlling the midfield and setting the tempo for Croatia.

Italy Strategy:
Italy, under the guidance of their manager, will likely opt for a cautious approach, especially given their struggles to score in away matches.
Their tactical setup will aim to disrupt Croatia’s rhythm and capitalize on counter-attacks, leveraging their historical defensive solidity.

Predictions: Croatia vs Italy

Given Croatia strong home form and Italy recent away struggles, the prediction is for Croatia to secure a narrow victory. Croatia defensive stability and experience playing at home give them a slight edge in what is expected to be a closely fought battle Croatia vs Italy.

Prediction: Croatia to win, scoring over 1.5 goals.

Key Factors to Watch

1- Croatia Defensive Resilience:
Croatia ability to maintain their defensive solidity at home will be crucial. If they can continue to keep opposition goals to a minimum, they will increase their chances of securing a positive result.

2- Italy Away Performance:
Italy struggle to score goals away from home could be a significant factor. Their ability to break this trend and find the back of the net will be key to their hopes in this match.

1- Midfield Battle:
The midfield duel will be pivotal. Croatia experienced midfield trio will look to dominate possession and dictate the play, while Italy will need to find ways to counteract their influence.


As Croatia vs Italy prepare to face off at Red Bull Arena, both teams will be keen to make their mark in the Euro Championship and secure valuable points. Croatia strong home form and defensive stability give them a slight advantage, but Italy resilience and tactical nous mean they can never be counted out.

Football fans can expect a thrilling and tactical encounter as these two European powerhouses battle for supremacy. Tune in on June 24, 2024, to witness what promises to be a captivating contest between Croatia vs Italy.