2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Expert Predictions by Adam K. Headen

Adam K. Headen offers expert predictions for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, offering insights into group stage matches and potential winners.


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2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Predictions by Adam K. Headen


New Zealand 1-0 Norway Norway, led by Ada Hegerberg’s return, should prove too strong for New Zealand at this tournament, yet they still possess an opportunity to advance from their group with two victories out of three possible.

Philippines vs Switzerland (21 July, 06:00) Switzerland is considered a favorite to win this matchup, yet they could face difficulty against an unlikely challenger like the Philippines. Though not expected to produce high scores and resilient performance from both teams.


Australia will be expected to be an aggressive force at this World Cup. Ireland, though, may set up defensively and pose challenges; yet Australia should start off their campaign with a victory.

Nigeria vs Canada (21 July, 03:30)
With experience to their advantage, Canada should gain the upper hand against Nigeria in this matchup. While it should be a closely fought encounter, Canada seems more likely to emerge victorious.


Spain will meet Costa Rica (21 July, 08:30). Costa Rica managed a draw against Spain at the 2015 World Cup, but this time they are unlikely to gain anything out of this matchup. Spain aims to top their group and make an impressionful statement with multiple goals scored against them.

Zambia vs Japan (22 July, 08:00)
This match should prove highly entertaining as both teams demonstrate distinct playing styles. Zambia could cause an upset and secure a draw under Barbra Banda’s tutelage; furthermore they could advance from this group alongside Spain.


England must find ways to score more goals against Haiti on 22 July at 10:30. Their performance may not be impressive, but England should get the job done and secure victory.

Denmark will face China (22 November, 13:00). They should rely on players such as Pernille Harder and Signe Bruun to make an impression in this World Cup and defeat China with ease.

Group E

USA vs Vietnam (22 July, 22:00) Vietnam will begin their first World Cup with a tough challenge against top-ranked USA. Realistically, America should emerge victorious here – so the focus will likely be on how many goals can be scored by them in this encounter.

Netherlands vs Portugal (23 July, 08:30)
Despite recent poor form, it’s expected that Netherlands will avoid defeat against Portugal and advance from the group alongside USA. Expect a closely contested match as Dutch are expected to earn at least one point and advance as winners of group.


France vs Jamaica (23 July, 11:00)
Jamaica may start quickly and pose an early threat against France; however, France’s team should have improved significantly since previous Euros; therefore they should prevail successfully this time around.

Brazil vs Panama (24 July, 12:00)
This matchup promises goals and excitement! It is unlikely to end as a goalless draw and Brazil should come out victorious with victory in mind.


Sweden and South Africa will compete in a Group G match-up that starts at 06:00 CET on 23 July. Sweden, one of the top teams worldwide, should be given preference in this match-up and may find it challenging to contain Sweden.

Italy and Argentina (24 July, 07:00)
Italy should hold the edge against Argentina in this closely contested matchup, having an advantage of slightly over 60 percent and hopefully taking home victory.


Germany will likely dominate this match and come away victorious, motivated to win their fourth World Cup championship and this match a vital step toward accomplishing their aim. The second-ranked Germany are likely to dominate Morocco in GROUP H, making their win more convincing as this could serve as a springboard towards reaching their ultimate goal of the crowning achievement of winning it all!

Colombia vs South Korea (25 July, 3:00 pm)
South Korea may take advantage of their technical abilities against Colombia, who tend to be slightly less organized. A draw would leave their group wide open for both teams to make the playoffs.


Adam K. Headen provides insights into potential outcomes of group stage matches at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, but as with any sport, football remains unpredictable and unexpected results could arise at any moment on the pitch.